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Celeste and Chris’ engagement! Date 3-3-2013. The shoot took place in Dahlonega and man! It was COLD! But after seeing Celeste and Chris, it’s clear that their love warmed things up! Celeste and Chris met two and half years ago at The Kudz Theatre in Roswell where “The Nerd” was playing. Celeste thought the play was a bit dry but Chris, who sat few rows down, was laughing the whole time! Celeste became intrigued by Chris and soon they met. Now they are tying the knot April 28th at FrogTown Cellars in Dahlonega. Check out Eric and Michael’s Facebook page and be sure to LIKE their page. We can’t wait to feature some of their wedding pictures!

The photo shoot was featured on Atlanta Wedding News!


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Beautiful Wedding! It was magical… Words can’t describe what it was like. The excitement, the LOVE, all the families and friends getting together to celebrate! It’s humbling to be part of this special event as their photographers. Congratulations George and Katie!

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Eric-&-Michael_9346_copyAs seen on Atlanta Wedding News

So often we are asked why hire a wedding photographer since family members and friends with a great camera will be taking pictures of the wedding.

Well, think about it for a moment.  The man of your dreams has proposed and you said yes.  Now you have to plan your wedding and you spend a lot of time finding just the right venue, that beautiful dress that you have dreamed of all your life, the flowers that go perfectly with everything, the cake, the caterer, guest list, and so much more.

Finally, that special day arrives… the excitement, the happiness, loved ones to share everything on this special day.  Once everything is over, the food is gone, the cake has been eaten, the flowers are wilted, that beautiful dress is hung in a closet, the formal wear is returned to the rental shop.  Everyone has gone home back to their lives.

A great photographer can capture all those special moments that will tell the story of your day for years to come.  The lighting will frame you in your beautiful dress and all your friends and family will ooh and aah, not to mention how much the groom will ooh and aah over how beautiful you looked on that day.

We care about those memories and take pride in our work.  Allow us to capture every special moment of that special day.  You’ll be happy you did.

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emcapturethemomentThe picture on the left was taken by us and the picture on the right was taken by our interns using our camera and lenses.

Yet it looks so different. The photo on the left was taken by us and we have a lot of experiences, solid camera knowledge and a lot of training.

Imagine having a member of your family or a close friend with a great camera taking pictures of your wedding? It will look a lot like the picture on the right.

Hire a professional photographer? Definitely worth it.

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